End of H-Game

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    Wait, so you saying by giving away secrets is a bad thing??? I guess you know everything and dont need to be taught anything at all, right? I wish I was like you… Sadly I am not, I thrive on these guys giving away their ‘secrets’ being generous with their time and allowing an open door to their processes… This should be applauded, not discredited…. maybe, just maybe by selling some tools/presets generates enough money for them to make the time spent sharing these ‘secrets’ worth it.Buy what do I know, Im just an anonymous person shouting all my thoughts before thinking.

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Nomal ゲーム等:[fC5sbcEwAz6n] 記事内容:[霑皮ュ脳 /Q0p3Mbm9 / generic viagra (15/03/13(Fri) 02:05) [ID:1jm3i43G] #4663 ←Now

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